Cleansing Essence

Cleansing + Moisturizing Dual Effect / Non – Emulsifier
Green Cosmetics / Additional Effect

Dual Effect
Best for lazy day, no need secondary face wash!
Cleansing cream with great cleansing ability as well as moisturizing power as essence that keeps face from dryness.
Non – Emulsifier
With oil dispersion technology of membrane emulsification,maintain a stable formulation without emulsifiers.
No emulsifier added,therefore no stickiness.
Green Cosmetics
Consists of only components that is Green grade verified by EWG.
Leaves skin moisturized after the cleansing without irritation.
Additional Effect ( Soothing / Antioxidant / Whitening )
Nothing can cleanse better! It brings additional effect than just cleansing.
Only prepare the product branding and packaging.
Can be compare with other well-known cleansing products.